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So you have just spilt on the new capet, dont worry, we also offer stain removal services! Accidents are part of every day life and can happen at any time putting your upholstery and carpets at risk of staining. With even the most cautious home owner, sometimes accidents just happen.

Here at CleanPro UK we pride ourselves on our stain removal ability, we work hard to remove/reduce carpet and upholstery stains, even when the worst accidents occur. From red wine spills to vomit and make up, we have saved the day on pretty much anything you can throw at us.

Our staff have been extensively trained to assess and identify the right course of of action for stain removal. We will then work on providing a tough treatment on your stains whilst being gentle on your fabrics.

Both our equipment and products are specialiy formulated to restore your carpets and upholstery back to their original condition.


Brick Dust Stain RemovalLeft: Here is a picture of an all too common spill that can so easily happen. A prime example of ground in brick dust which has caused extensive staining to the cream polypropylene carpet.

A common mistake would be to try and scrub out the stain which only helps aid the stain to bleed into the surrounding areas.

Luckily the client had our number to hand and with just one application we think you will agree that we have managed to save this carpet.






Leaky Radiator Stain Removal

A radiator leak on to this 100% wool cream carpet could have completely ruined the clean finish leaving the room feeling spoilt. Luckily the client gave us a call and in next to no time we were able to make good on this aweful accident.

If you have a stain that needs our attention why not give us a call for your free no obligation quote.


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