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Professional Carpet Cleaning Northampton

CleanPro UK offer a friendly and professional carpet cleaning service. We use the latest carpet cleaning techniques to provide a truly deep clean, with removal of stains, dirt and pollutants. We are able to offer a vast range of services, from a basic clean to carpet protection, which will prolong the lifespan of your carpets leaving your home a cleaner and healthier environment for your family.

We actively keep up to date with the latest advances in carpet cleaning by attending regular training sessions and conferences to ensure our customers are receiving the best possible service.

A typical carpet clean involves the following process:

  • Pre inspection – carpet is fully analysed and tested, customers are advised on the most appropriate cleaning methods.
  • Dry soil removal – carpet is given a thorough vacuum clean, using a twin motor upright cleaner, to remove all dry soil deposits.
  • Spot treatment – any problem spots are sprayed with stain specific treatments and loosened to enable stains to be lifted ahead of deep cleaning.
  • Hot water extraction & carpet neutralisation – your carpet is simultaneously sprayed with rinse agent while a powerful twin motor vacuum extracts dirt and pollutants along with the rinse agent solution to neutralise the cleaning agents and making your carpet/upholstery hygienic and safe.
  • If necessary drying- air movers are used to enable speedy drying of carpet and upholstery fibres.
  • Final touches – the carpet/upholstery is groomed to reset the fibres and present your carpet/upholstery at its best
  • Your carpets will be clean, safe and ready to use within a matter of hours.
  • An average sized room will take approximately 30-45 minutes to be cleaned.

All carpet cleaning jobs are different, therefore we are happy to visit you to provide a free pre inspection and survey of your furniture and carpets and give you a free no obligation quote.


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