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Are your hard floors in your home or work place looking unsightly and soiled? Try our professional hard floor cleaning service. We can deep clean your hard floors in your home or business back their former glory.

We can clean:  Porcelain,Ceramic, Amtico, Karndean, Marmoleum and all types of Safety Flooring.

CleanPro UK offer a free no obligation quote to asses your hard floors and discuss your needs. Our options are a clean only service or clean & protect service which will protect your floors for years to come and help you to maintain them on a regular basis. Hard floor cleaning machine.

CleanPro UK is dedicated to giving you the best results for your hard floors.

Having your hard floors deep cleaned by us will have them looking like new again and will also make it easier for you to maintain therefore prolonging the life of your investment.

Hard Floor Cleaning Process

Our cleaning process includes a full assessment before any work is undertaken, discussing what you want for your hard floors. We will then vacuum the floor ensuring any dry soiling is removed. If your floors have ever been sealed we will need to remove this first before any cleaning is done. We will then deep clean the floor with the appropriate professional cleaning solution and expert machinery. Once dry we can then seal the floor if this is something that you require for your floors. Several coats of sealant may need to be applied to ensure the floor is fully protected and the right level of shine is achieved.

For all of your hard floor cleaning needs in Northampton give CleanPro UK a call or message.




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